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Save loads of time spent on internet research, social media scouting and prospecting hassle

Strengthen your networking

Grab your prospect’s attention by directly reaching them

Target the top decision makers

Tap the decision makers of a particular company

Get accurate emails and phone numbers

Access emails and phone numbers of your prospects in a jiffy

Streamline your sales prospecting

Identify your prospects and channelize the prospecting process

Experts say that using email is 41% times better to acquire new customers than through social media handles such as Facebook and Twitter. B2BChamps gives you access to email addresses and telephone numbers of your prospects so that you can close your sales deals faster.

Send sales messages straight to your prospect’s inbox

Stop waiting for your prospects to find you. Instead find the decision makers and get their key contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers through B2BChamps sales prospecting tool. Just put in their name and company, and get the details immediately.

Conduct multi-channel marketing and sales

Once you get the contact details you can launch marketing campaigns with the prospects through cold calling, SMS campaigns or email marketing. Send personalized messages to your prospects to ensure successful campaign results.

Directly contact the top decision makers

Most of the times even when you have the list of names and company of the top level executives, you do not have their contact details. B2BChamps helps you to get the direct phone numbers and business email addresses of these key decision makers who will make the final purchase decision.

Build your B2B lists

You can either create and build your own B2B marketing lists or append email addresses and phone numbers to the missing fields in your in-house database. Build your B2B list from scratch or enrich your already present list as per your business requirements.

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Key Features

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Contact Appending

Append contact based on company or website

Address Appending

Appending Company Address

Company Verifier

Verify company status based on company name or address, phone, website

Social Link Appending

Social Link Appending for Company and People

Email Appending

Email Address Appending Based on Company Name ,or Domain with Name

LinkedIn Validator

Contact Validation through LinkedIn

Company Intelligence

Company Data intelligence with Extra field

Email Topology

Email Topology suggestion

Get instant access to over 72 Million updated B2B prospects from different companies worldwide

We know how sales team struggle while doing their own prospecting!!! 8 out of 10 sales guys are not successful!! We know it’s a massive job!

B2BChamps helps you find the business email address and telephone number of any name that you type and Voila! You have complete access. It is that simple.

For the past 6 years, B2BChamps has been helping sales teams of companies from all over the world close faster deals and shorten the sales cycle.

Our data experts are working round-the-clock to ensure that you get the most updated and accurate contact data of people who are top decision makers in different companies.

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