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Are your leads qualified? With the Ampliz data intelligence solution, they can be. We help you improve ROI.

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Campaign / Agency

When you have verified marketing data to work with, your campaigns bring you better results, every single time.

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Reseller / Partner

Use the Ampliz product and all its capabilities to enable your customers and improve your ROI with bespoke partner/reseller programmes.

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B2B Contacts


Years of B2B
Data Curation


Monthly Data


B2B Solution
Users Covered

Making data access
easy and quick

Select Your List Criteria

Ampliz makes it easy to select from firmographic, geo, compliance, industry, solutions used, titles, location, staff size, revenues, and 21 other criteria to target your campaign.

See Your Target
Audience Instantly

We apply your selections to our global B2B database of 36 million verified business profiles. The platform automatically identifies contacts that match your target profile. You'll know immediately the number of records available for the profile you've selected.

Upload Your Contacts
to Buy Only Net New Data

Ampliz makes it easy to filter out customers and active prospects from your customized data download. The result is you pay only for records that are net new to your contacts database.

Refine Your Targeting
in Real-Time

Broaden your audience or narrow it. Either way, you'll see the number of matching records available for your campaign. Ampliz makes it easy to tune your audience segmentation, plan your data buying, and optimize the ROI of your investment.

See Corporate Hierarchies
and Organization Charts

Detailed company profiles show ownership relationships and subsidiaries. Use our profiles and org charts to discover new points of contact with your prospects and customers. You'll see the connections between decision-makers and key influencers.

Get Best-In-Class Data

You'll get only person-verified, opted-in, GDPR-compliant contacts. Our rigorous data acquisition, verification, and data stewardship best practices are always at work to provide you data that is accurate and up-to-date.

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