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Axis Veriforte is an ISO 27001:2013 certified risk mitigation company, providing verification & screening solutions such as Employee background screening, Due diligence, Pre-Matrimonial verification, Mystery Shopping & Tenant verification. Since inception in 2010, its expanding presence across industries has enabled Axis Veriforte to be one of India’s most preferred risk mitigation service providers with a Clientele comprising of business enterprises from BFSI, IT, ITES, Engineering, Automobile, Retail, FMCG, Telecom, Healthcare, Logistics, and other industries. Organizations across India & overseas trust and prefer Axis Veriforte for their risk mitigation needs due to its exceptional service and delivery standards.



Talent crunch and widespread practice of padding of CV, falsification of documents by job seekers in a global work environment have made Employee Background Screening indispensable to building a professionally ethical workforce. With increasing instances of prospective job applicants resorting to fraudulent means to bag their dream job, business enterprises face the risk of hiring unqualified candidates and bearing the resultant losses. Axis Veriforte’s Employee Background Screening services assures business enterprises of mitigating this risk and helping them in recruiting genuinely qualified workforce resulting in their overall success.

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Due Diligence of customers/ associates is a vital KYC compliance requirement to be performed by BFSI enterprises before accepting new/ additional business from them and during the disbursal of benefits to the valid recipients. It is prudent for the BFSI enterprises to follow stringent Due diligence processes to ensure the source of customers’ funds is legal and to rule out support to Money laundering activities, unwittingly. Axis Veriforte’s Due diligence offerings secures BFSI enterprises from potential defaulters and fraudsters.

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The conventional practice of matchmaking which was once firmly managed through family relations and word of mouth, has changed drastically to include internet, mobile and social technology, becoming the medium of preference for meeting likely partners. Burgeoning instances of fraudsters duping people large sums of money, in the context of marriage and alarming growth of cybercrime makes it imperative for the alliance seekers to exercise vigilance while proceeding with any alliance. Life Partner authentication by TruMate is an exclusive offering from Axis Veriforte that specializes in Pre-Matrimonial Verification.

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Mystery shopping is a vital tool through which Business enterprises can aim to simulate real customer shopping experience in various scenarios to enable an evaluation of their quality of customer service, operational efficacy, employee integrity & merchandising guidelines which can be benchmarked against their own set standards / objectives. Axis Veriforte’s Mystery shopping services assures business enterprises of achieving their business deliverables & customer satisfaction goals.

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Tenant verification is a process that assures the landlords of a thorough background check on their prospective tenants before leasing the properties. The prospective tenants may have a criminal past, defaulted on rental payments at their previous tenancy or have had an unpleasant conduct in their neighborhood. Axis Veriforte’s Tenant verification solution offers a wide range of verification services which provides the landlords an accurate assessment of the tenant’s background thus empowering them to make a well-informed decision while leasing their property.

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