Team Bristlecone,

Calling for our Bristlecone bloggers to help us become the thought leaders in supply chain industry. Blog about your work, recent trends in supply chain and share your experience with – your peers and friends, team Bristlecone and our customers. Your blogs will help us in increasing awareness and visibility of the brand Bristlecone.

Please follow the instructions below to submit your blog.
Important Guideline:
The blog has to be around a relevant supply chain topic – Technical or Business, reference themes are  given below
Stylistic & Grammar check will be done internally
Reference template that you can use for your blog is attached
Send us the final blog in MS Word Doc
The blog can be three-four paragraphs
Submit the blogger profile (attached) with your blog
Reference themes for blog topics (April-May-June):
Supply Chain
Keywords to use – Supply chain management, supply chain optimization, procurement, sourcing, e-sourcing, e-procurement, analytics, predictive analytics, data analytics, SAP, logistics, IoT
Important dates:
Submission of blog topic to marketing - 10th May, 2016
Submission of final blog - 25th May, 2016
Review and posting on website - 1st June, 2016
If you already have a blog,
you may submit the same in MS Word format at marketing.bcone@bcone.com

We look forward to your contribution. Please forward to others who could contribute
For any questions, please contact – marketing.bcone@bcone.com

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