5 Mistakes that 80% of BFSIs Make with Transactional Emails

In today’s age, Transactional emails have become an integral part of a customer experience for businesses. Brands use transactional emails to build customer trust and increase their customer engagement.

We have identified Top 5 mistakes that 80% of BFSI companies make while sending Transactional and Triggered emails to their customer, which results in bad customer experience.

Perception that all transactional emails will reach customer’s inbox

About 25% of Transactional Emails don’t reach customer’s inbox. Don’t neglect to pay attention to the email delivery. Email is labelled as spam if the domain or IP addresses are untrustworthy or the content is suspicious.

Belief that emails do bounce and that’s ok

Sending emails to the hard bounce ids certainly carries a potential threat to your domain and IP reputation and MSPs might label you as a spammer. Focus on the email verification and email cleaning services, enables businesses to nail down the names of their most engaged customers.

It doesn’t matter at what speed email reaches your customers

Transactional & Triggered emails are time sensitive and when they don’t reach the customer on-time it results in dissatisfied customers and also losing sales. Delivering these crucial emails on time is key to customer retention!

Tracking reports & dashboard is difficult hence not important

Flying blind without tracking reports means losing your customers. Tracking and analysing reports on your transactional emails, helps to review number of bounce or spam emails and accordingly guide you in direction of improving email deliverability and other metrics.

Transactional email are notifications, they can’t generate revenue

Research shows transactional emails have 8x more opens and clicks than any other type of email, and can generate 6x more revenue. However, Transactional emails still remain unrecognized for their revenue generation potential and also serve in multipurpose activity.

Common transactional email bottlenecks faced by BFSI

Failure to deliver real time updates to your customers

Performance blocks due to inefficient ESPs

Struggling to scale up timely relay of critical email communications

Decrease in customer retention due to poor email sending set-up

Our Solution


Delivers real-time notifications to your customers for critical information such as OTP alerts, renewal reminders, purchase confirmations, status alerts & updates and more


Provides customized, personalized, affordable, and highly-scalable APIs


Offers live reports and logs in an automated & structured format

Why Pepipost As Your Email Delivery Partner?

  • 99.99%

    Inbox Delivery

  • 99.99%


  • 7Bn+

    Emails Sent

  • 20K

    Happy Customers

  • 97.5%

    Transactional Email
    Delivered < 5 seconds

What makes Pepipost
A Sensible Choice

  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure
  • BFSI’s most trusted and secured SMTP relay engine for all
    critical email communication relay
  • Live reports & logs on email performance
  • 99% uptime to ensure happy customers round the clock
  • In-person support whenver you need it: We are available 24/7/365

Relay Your Most Critical Customer Communications with
Pepipost Mailing Services

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