• Polyhouse Monitoring Solution
    Watch over your crops on the
    move- anywhere, anytime

Farm Supervision

With polyhouse monitoring solution, you can be there for your farms in true sense. The smart solution takes care of any changes in climatic conditions or any breach within the polyhouse in a seamless manner—all this while you are not even in the same country as your farm.

Pest Prediction

With naked eyes it often becomes impossible to detect what can be an imminent pest attack on your farm. The smart sensors in polyhouse monitoring solution detect the breach and inform the farm supervisors well within the time. This guides the supervisors to take corrective actions much in advance and ensures minimal to negligible damage caused by a pest attack.

  • When humidity and/or temperature go high, chances of pest attacks increase dramatically
  • Turning on the fan or spraying water can resolve the problem
  • Supervisors find it difficult to take decisions manually
  • Sensors in Polyhouse monitoring solution provide data to supervisor on mobile
  • Supervisor takes corrective action as prevention against pest attack

Smart Alerts

You can achieve a truly protected and well managed cultivation only when you get real-time updates of what is happening with your farm. Polyhouse monitoring solution raises smart E-mail/SMS alerts for any change in temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and electrical conductivity and keeps all stakeholders on the same page at all times.

  • Protected cultivation needs maintenance of temperature, humidity, soil moisture, electrical conductivity
  • Any changes in the ideal environment is alerted by smart sensors
  • And alerts are sent to farm supervisors
  • Supervisors take corrective actions

A tomato farm in a protected environment can produce 4 times the yield grown in a farm in a regular environment. Unfortunately, manual monitoring and disorganized farm management don’t allow the farm owners to reap 4 times the profit.

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Real-time climate monitoring
E-mail and SMS alert every time
Pest infestation alerts
Driven by IoT, big data & analytics
Multi-user device and operating
Customized reports
Cost-effective and scalable in
Plug-n-play with minimum
Multi-language support
Multi-point data capture

Business Value

  • 1.Farm monitoring from anywhere in the world at any point of time
  • 2.Yield protection against pest attack with pest protection alerts
  • 3.Reduced purchase of insecticides and pesticides
  • 4.Boost in production of yields
  • 5.Export quality yields
  • 6.Reduced manual judgement, thus reduced scope of error
  • 7.Maximized revenue and profit
  • 8.Minimized labor cost
  • 9.Farming expertise on finger-tips
  • 10.Reduced number of manual supervision
Numbers speak for themselves
A 60 days case study


  • Two naturally ventilated rose Polyhouses— P1 and P2.
  • P1 monitored by Polyhouse Monitoring Solution.
  • P2 monitored by manual supervisors.

Report (Study Period of 60 Days—Jan and Feb)

P1 P2
Number of SMS/Manual alerts 144 23
Temperature breach 102 19
Humidity breach 42 4
Number of times corrective action taken 98 23
Time of the day when action was taken Morning and Noon Noon
Reported Pest Incidences 16 28

Numbers Prove the Polyhouse Monitoring Advantage

P1 P2
Number of roses harvested 2854 2713
Export quality 1659 (58%) 1053 (39%)
Good quality 855 (29%) 732 (27%)
Poor quality 329 (11%) 893 (33%)
Wastage 11 35
Pesticide/Insecticide used in 60 days 7,000 Ltr 9,000 Ltr
Number of times corrective action taken Morning and Noon 28

Business benefits

Polyhouse 1 (P1) records some obvious boost over Polyhouse 2 (P2) as is
evident from the study.

We can easily conclude that Polyhouse Monitoring Solution offers:

in export quality yield
in bad quality yield
lesser pest
incidence reports

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