Farm Supervision

Now keep an eye even when not around

Polyhouse Monitoring Solution keeps an eye on your farms and acts accordingly in-case of any breach in polyhouse environmental parameters, enabling timely intervention by the farm supervisor.

Supervisor clicks pictures of affected crop
Sends it along with other details to agronomist
Agronomist, at a different location, receives it
Agronomist assesses conditions
Agronomist suggests corrective measures
Farm owner gets regular updates via e-mail and SMS

Smart Alerts

Real-time updates to keep your crops protected

Any change in temperature, humidity, soil moisture and electrical conductivity is alerted in real-time via e-mail/SMS alerts. Polyhouse Monitoring Solution sends real-time updates to all stakeholders.

Protected cultivation needs favorable conditions

Smart sensors detect change in conditions

Sensors alert farm supervisors

Supervisor takes corrective measures

Pest Prediction

Sooner you detect, lesser the damage to crops

Polyhouse Monitoring Solution identifies a pest attack beforehand and raises an alarm. This enables the supervisor to take corrective measures on time, thus ensuring minimal damage to the crops.

  • Irregular weather patterns increase chances of pest attack
  • Supervisors find it difficult to assess the situation
  • Sensors in Polyhouse Monitoring Solution detect the breach
  • Sensors send data to the supervisor
  • Supervisor takes corrective measures against pest attack

A tomato farm in a protected environment produces four times the yield than in a regular environment. But due to manual monitoring and disorganized farm management, owners fail to reap four times the profit.

Your farm needs your attention

The Advantage

One solution, multiple benefits
  • Real Time Monitoring
    Monitor the climate and your
    farm in real-time from anywhere
    at any time
  • E-mail & SMS Alerts
    To protect your yield against pest
    and irregular weather conditions
  • Driven by Technology
    It leverages IoT, Big Data and
    Analytics to boost production of
  • Multi-User Solution
    Owner, agronomist and farm
    supervisor can all access real-time
  • Customized Reports
    Reduce the scope of error by getting customized reports
  • Plug & Play
    Requires just a sim card with good data connectivity
  • Multilingual Support
    It supports multiple Indian and international languages
  • Multi-Point Data Capture
    To reduce manual supervision

Let Facts and Figures Speak

A 60 days case study
Two naturally ventilated Rose Polysouses—PMS and XYZ—were studied for a period of 60 Days.
PMS was monitored by Polyhouse Monitoring Solution, while XYZ depended on manual supervisors.
Number of SMS/Manual alerts 144 23
Temperature breach 102 19
Humidity breach 42 4
Number of times corrective action taken 98 23
Time of the day when action was taken Morning and Noon Noon
Reported Pest Incidences 16 28
Number of Roses harvested 2854 2713
Export quality 1659 (58%) 1053 (39%)
Good quality 855 (29%) 732 (27%)
Poor quality 329 (11%) 893 (33%)
Wastage 11 35
Pesticide/Insecticide used in 60 days 7,000 Ltr 9,000 Ltr

With Polyhouse Monitoring Solution in place, farm owners can now experience:



in export quality yield



in bad quality yield


lesser pest

incidence reports



pesticide/insecticide consumption

A geo-agnostic farm management solution goes a long way in maximizing profits. To know how Polyhouse Monitoring Solution can make a world of difference