Get a digitally-enhanced and connected supply chain with analytics

Insights from data help in overcoming challenges like global market fluctuations, price variations, and supplier requirements, among others. With Bristlecone supply chain services, get a comprehensive and complete view of your supply chain and align it with your corporate goals.

A digitally-enhanced supply chain provides a competitive edge with seamless integration of markets, vendors and customers. Meet the changing market demands and gain maximum value from your supply chains with cutting edge technology and big data analytics.

Digitally Connected Supply Chain Powered by Analytics

Predictive analytics help in better forecasting and enhance the decision-making process.
The entire organization is aligned towards a single goal that integrates all aspects of a supply chain.

Our offerings

Supply chain analytics is supported by a solid foundation of data quality and information management and encompasses the entire spectrum of analytics from descriptive to cognitive.










Discovery and

Bristlecone NEO

Bristlecone NEO provides plug-and-play analytics capabilities and applications that can be used by customers to integrate real-time data into their routine business processes. It has a robust data-cleansing, normalizing and enrichment platform that helps customers visualize data and discover key insights to make informed decisions rapidly. NEO comes pre-bundled with adaptors that help integrate data from enterprise systems and presents a unified view. Learn how Bristlecone NEO helps your business.

Value across the entire spectrum of services

Bristlecone leverages technology to harness the business value of data across
the spectrum of information domain and services

Our experts create the complete roadmap and strategy to effectively design and realize the hidden data assets across your enterprise. Discover the power of analytics through value-added services like change management and program management to unlock the decision making powers with real time insights.
Analyze, design, deploy, train and support the implementation of predictive analytic solutions across the organization. Our cloud-based platform is supported by industry standard KPIs, benchmarked processes and innovative apps.
Experience seamless operationalization with effective customization and localization of data across your enterprise. Our experts would provide extensive support in testing, training and executing resources.
Our cloud-based solutions enable better risk optimized upgrades, support and migration to leverage technological innovations and change.
We continuously monitor your systems and offer support, enhancements, health checks and stabilization and SLA based 1, 2, 3 support.
Our experts ensure the upkeep, configuration and reliability of the systems with a plethora of services like sizing, security, cloud migration, DB migration, hosting and many others.