Contact Management Miracles
for Sales Teams and SMEs

Auric Prospector is a single platform business management software that meets all your needs for customer relationship management—marketing automation, contact management, and customer service. This dynamic all-in-one CRM tool is excellent contact management software for sales teams and small/medium enterprises.

Auric Prospector: For Managing Contacts and Leads

Auric Prospector: For Managing Contacts and Leads
  • Digital marketing and sales seamlessly integrated.
  • Converts social media as a tool for sales executives to engage prospects, contacts and leads.
  • Import contacts from almost every source; no more herculean task of manually creating lists.
  • Web Service Integration: Connects your web page to the CRM contact list
  • Generates lists and assigns them to the sales representatives to manage further
  • Creates customized interfaces to connect with your social media, web pages, or list providers
Here’s why Prospector is the best contact management software
  • Seamless Contact Data Upload:

    Upload from Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, and other applications with syncing the data on different platforms

  • Contact Storage:

    Store data for up to 20,000 contact companies who are your current or potential customers

  • 360˚Contact View:

    Gain access to any information relating to a customer’s contact, sales, or customer service

  • Contact Management:

    New contacts can be entered through a web page, imported from excel, and updated via automated synchronization from Auric Prospector Offline. Easy searching tools help locate firms and contacts quickly.

Transactional Differences in B2B and B2C Deals

Modes of transaction differ in B2B and B2C relations. This has an impact on the way contacts are to be handled in these two disparate scenarios. See the transactional differences:



Contact Storage: Contact Management:
B2B organizations deal with a small set of clients who might have been regular business partners for a long time B2C organizations reach out to thousands of customers who are mostly unfamiliar
B2B transactions are less frequent but happen in big volumes per deal B2C transactions are much more frequent than B2B, but per deal volumes are much smaller
B2B decisions go through multiple rounds of negotiations and through many levels of decision makers B2C decisions are more or less quick and driven by emotions
Once a deal is reached in B2B, the relation may last through years B2C transactions are one-to-one direct deals and switches loyalty based on exciting offers
A single B2B account will have multiple contact points, each with varying powers of influencing or decision-making B2C contacts will be single individuals with influencers around him/her
Managing contact information of organizations, channel partners, vendors, and suppliers is critical in B2B scenario B2C contacts are more or less single entities and straight forward
  • Why Contact Management Solutions?

    Good contact management modules help you see beyond phone numbers and email addresses. They provide account history, key contacts, important dates, meeting notes, to-do lists, and lot more. They give you updated comprehensive information—your single source of truth—that makes every interaction perfectly contextual. This will help you deliver an awesome experience to your customers.

    Auric Prospector seamlessly integrates with most of the popular office applications. Therefore, sharing or syncing contact information is pretty easy. It allows importing current contacts. It can pipeline information from existing Contact Management Software and Spreadsheets and sync them flawlessly.

    The centrally maintained database helps tracking contacts and activities from anywhere in the world. It facilitates sharing notes and files and collaborating on work. Teams can schedule events, store or retrieve information, set notifications and alerts, and do a lot more.

  • Wholesome picture of your prospects and customers

    In-depth insights into every contact in your account
    Gain control over critical data including key contacts, communication history, important dates, and more. Know your prospects/customers inside out—the history of their campaigns, deals they showed interest in, their social profiles, and activities, etc. Get to know what they talk on social media about you and your rivals. And you can step in to answer their concerns and queries.

    Enterprise-wide employee collaboration
    Collaboration across the organization allows sharing documents, insights, and much more.

    On-the-move preparation for business meetings
    Even when you are away from office or traveling, all the account-related information can be accessed on your mobile device. By being armed with the most relevant and updated information, your agility to face the client will be enhanced.