Now Skyrocket Your Marketing
Endeavors Effortlessly

Data Monsters now teams up with
Ampliz to offer world classall-in-one
Multi Channel Marketing platform

What does that mean?

For reaching out to your prospects or clients through email,
voice or text, you can do it all without breaking a sweat.

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Data Monsters
Data Monsters

Email Campaigns

Good looking emails reaching to the right audience can give you unbelievable results. Now run your email campaigns like never before.

Data Monsters

Voice Campaigns

A human voice on the other end—only a human face can make a better personal connect than that. For all your voice campaigns, get the right database— validated and segmented for perfect targeting.

Data Monsters

Text Based Campaigns

Right from easy import & segmentation, contact list building, brand display, and personalized messages to scheduling messages, we have got it all under one roof.


About Ampliz: Ampliz is a unified multi channel marketing platform and data management tool. They provide the tools, techniques, and integrations to enhance databases with sales intelligence for each account and contact. In addition to a comprehensive database of 7 million contacts across industries they offer a wide range of data services, such as data hunt, hosting, appending, cleansing, verification, analytics, and database management.


About Data Monsters: Data Monsters do machine intelligence and data engineering projects for clients. They build systems that process petabytes of data making real-time predictions using natural language processing, computer vision, time series processing, reinforcement learning.