Digital Transformation for Travel

Travel companies are in a constant state of flux in a bid to cater to changing business requirements. Consequently, innovation is key for travel companies, whether it is for enhancing user experience, driving business performance, or improving service delivery. In addition, technology trends, such as consumerization of IT, mobility, analytics, and social media are increasingly disrupting the travel business.

Travelers are moving away from traditional modes of travel planning to digital channels. Delivering a superior online experience is thus imperative for customer retention and to capture a bigger slice of the market. While many travel companies offer an online portal, the limited degree of automation has failed to deliver cost benefits. Hence, a superior online platform is the need of the hour for any business to keep the customers engaged and to retain them for further transactions. Travel companies need immense support to meet the expectations of the new-age customers.

Sonata provides the advantage of a single digital business and technology platform that enables businesses to take full suite of customizable and deployable travel solutions. The scalable cloud-based packaging and booking platform has been a winner with many travel companies. With an easy-to-implement feature, the platform is integrated across multiple channels, Mobility, Analytics, and ERP modules on cloud with built-in business functionality to ensure a seamless, personalized travel experience for valued customers across Tour Operator, Online Travel, Corporate Travel, Airline, Rail and Hotel segments.

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Overview of Sonata Travel

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Enhance Customer Connect

Travel companies need to understand that to retain and attract new customers and to be in business they clearly need to transform and build an edge through outstanding customer service experience. Need for this exceptional customer experience is the utmost significant reason for Travel companies to embark onto digital transformation. Today’s consumers have access to products and services from a seemingly endless number of sources. With increased competition, businesses must differentiate themselves beyond product offerings. And that means mastering how to provide superior experience to their customers. So, exactly how can your company adapt to this ongoing digital shift? Let’s examine the future of customer experience.

Leading European Travel Company Uses Omni-Channel Solution to Increase Digital Revenues


For a leading European travel company, a need arose to integrate systems across multiple sales channels and technology platforms to drive dynamic customer-centric travel offerings. The challenge lied in dissimilar sales platforms for channels that prevented a single view of the customer across its retail stores and online booking websites. The other hurdle was to transform existing traditional e-commerce and retail platforms into a consolidated and consistent one with browse, search, book and service capabilities channels.


  • Sonata’s comprehensive and dynamic Omni-Channel content, merchandising and booking system transformed the existing platforms into a consolidated, consistent platform for seamless user experience across channels.
  • Using hybris as the core platform, it was integrated with apps like Endeca and GDS
  • The transformation was phased in three phases of browse and search, integrated book accounting & single view of customer, and multi-country rollout.


The implementation improved look-to-book ratio and sales as well as 30% YOY increase in web-package sales, contributing to 50% of overall bookings. Sonata’s Overture also enabled crossover from static content-based merchandising to dynamic marketing with the ability to cross-sell and up-sell products.

Increased Business Capacities for Large ANZ Rail Network with Next-Generation Reservation System


There was a need to replace the rail passenger reservation system, whose functionality was hindered by limited features, long lead time and costly developments. The challenge was to find a system capable of handling 1000 to 5000 bookings per day on a steady platform


  • By customizing Sonata’s Rezopia Travel SaaS, a Next-Generation Rail Reservation System was developed.
  • Features such as multi-channel booking engine, inventory, fares, schedules, dynamic shopping and financial data integration with SAP, etc. were embedded.
  • The system gained the ability to sell the same trip at different prices, depending on payment method, cancellation policy and channel of interaction, and generate the relevant management functionalities.
  • To ensure there is smooth migration from the existing system, soft and hard go-live strategy was developed and implemented.


The achievement was a feature-rich, customer-friendly rail application that reduced time to implement, lowered costs and decreased risks. It also enabled greater business capabilities by ensuring efficient process for ancillary product sales.

Smart Operations

To move to the future of Travel experience you need to unlock your business potential by optimizing your operations, embed intelligence in your travel business with smart data analysis and digitize existing processes. Through our solutions, you can gauge predictive demand, pricing, and yield management. Real-time insights on competitors’ price offerings, social media cues, clickstream, text, image, and video analytics give businesses more insights than they ever had before.

Leisure Tourism Business gains from Yield Management solution


A leading leisure tourism business was looking for a yield management solution that can make improvements around the revenue management structure. The solution would in turn be measurable, robust and be adaptive to the dynamic market changes. The other major challenges lied on managing 5 million on-sale prices at once and controlling prices for up to 30,000 sales in a single day. There was also a huge requirement to process 9 million packages across 3 seasons of data everyday.


  • Sonata came up with a customized, scalable and automated revenue management solution that provided increased visibility into automated logical decisions that ensured there is no dependency on 3rd party for forecasting and optimization.
  • The technology used was an open source technology thatw as developed using Java swing, EJB 3.0, Jboss 5.x, Hibernate and Spring with database on Oracle 11g Exadata
  • The technology provided detailed MI reports that provided significant improvement and a transparent edge in decision making.
  • The system had the ability to integrate with enterprise data warehouse for booking, inventory management and customized recommendation dispatcher to reservation system.


The margins for this business received considerable impetus through the intra-day forecasting and the optimization techniques that were implied through the technology. An enhanced level of accuracy in the forecast was achieved through this.

Leading Asian Airline sought Workforce management solution for improved performance


Prominent Asian Airline group Qatar Airways was in need of a workforce management solution that would measure and improvise the productivity of a large and remote workforce that comprised a culturally diverse, young and dynamic crew. The solution they were looking for would also enable them to find time for strategic activities and provide operational convenience.


  • Sonata came up with a comprehensive technological solution that has the A-Z of a workforce management solution that provided simple crew-centric functions.
  • The tool was equipped with solutions that provided voyage reports and helped develop Crew Score Card.
  • It also provided an interface for flight scheduling, flight operations and HRMS systems.


The effective tracking of crew performance and behavioral management led to increase in productivity that was measurable. An increase in the operational efficiency was achieved through seamless business process integration across departments.

Technology Platforms

Modernization, rationalization, and automation solutions can provide accelerative points in the digital journey through pre-built platforms and IPs. With Sonata you have the option to choose from 3 models of platforms, such as:

  • Sonata Ready — These are pre-built platforms from Sonata like Rezopia and Sonata Rail.
  • Sonata Accelerate — These are platforms that we have collaborated with business partners to build on AWS, Azure, SAP Hybris, and Halosys.
  • Sonata Custom — These are platforms we can develop and deploy for travel customers that are custom built as per their requirements.

Travel Plus: Omni Channel Commerce Solution on hybris

Internet has revolutionized the shopping experience across various channels including the travel industry. Omni channel solutions are fast becoming the norm of the day and the travelers of today prefer doing everything right from booking tickets for a trip to sharing experiences online. Sonata’s solutions can help you deliver the most seamless experience & sophisticated cross-device communications to your customers.

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Rezopia: Travel Technology Solution

Rezopia is a next-gen travel management platform that packages multiple travel products in one and sell across multiple distribution channels through a single transaction. How does Sonata help achieve it?

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Digital Ready Rail

With its immense experience, Sonata has developed solutions that has powered rail industry to provide the best-in-class experience for their customers. With these solutions they provide the independence of flexibility to book tickets on the move.

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In a world where mobility is the new permanence, Sonata has brought in single Unified Enterprise Mobile Enablement platform that enables businesses to build, secure, manage and deploy an enterprise-wide mobile applications portfolio.

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Sonata’s Travel Analytics Solution is an analytical tool tailor-made for travel companies where they rid the information of different silos and present a single form of the same data all across the enterprise.

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