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Webinar: How Businesses can Benefit with ACCOUNT BASED MARKETING in a Data-Driven Digital Evolution

Date: 15th August, 2017

Time: 02:00 PM EST

ABM today has an incredible power to attract higher ROI and sync marketing and sales towards greater performance.

96% of businesses use ABM as a mainstream marketing strategy. Join this powerful webinar to set the pillars of an effective ABM strategy.

Catch Michael Murphy and Arun Pillai Live! Discover how to:

  • Develop sales enablement methodologies to target highly valued accounts
  • Create dynamic target lists for deeper business engagement
  • Engage individual accounts with personalized messages and content
  • Adapt the right technology platform to increase deal size and revenue

Redefine your business by delivering true value to your clients, orchestrating dynamic account-based capabilities. Attend this web session for Free.

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Arun Pillai (Ron)

A software engineer by qualification, Arun Pillai (Ron) is currently the Director of Lake B2B Data Partners Group and heads the Global Reseller Division at LakeB2B, a team of over 2000 plus specialized team members with operations across North America, Europe and Asia pacific. Ron is exceptional at managing relationships in a highly leveraged and matrixed environment. He exquisitely develops goals that are measurable and drives matchless productivity within the Resellers and their operating units.

Michael Murphy

A subject matter expert at Digital Campaign Performance Reporting and Attribution, Michael bags a decades experience in the direct mail industry. He currently heads the North American Reseller operations of the Lake B2B Data Group. A maestro at revenue trends, he skillfully engages in collaborative planning sessions at the market and product level. A go-to mentor for strategic and tactical guidance, Michael enables revenue optimization for growth enablement across global markets and specific industries.