Mantri – Insignia of Service & Excellent Quality
At Mantri, every project is an expression of thoughtful design and meticulous execution. We are driven by the motto to provide excellent quality in our work and impeccable service to every customer.
Launching Mantri Vantage, Pune
Located in one of Pune’s most influential and convenient neighbourhoods, a refreshing new luxury apartment awaits you!.

Mantri Vantage offers spacious 2 and 3-BHK apartments of contemporary style. With fine finish, world-class amenities and classic décor, these apartments are ideal for families seeking comfort, luxury and style.

Mantri Vantage – Safe & Smart Living Choices
Mantri Vantage is designed with state-of-the-art technology to make life easier. It has secure, ubiquitous smart-home features that provide simple and convenient solutions to monitor and run home systems. That’s an added benefit for today’s eco-friendly buyer seeking “greener” options.
Intelligent & Secure Smart Homes (Smart Living at Mantri Vantage)
Security & safety using video door systems
Additional home safety using LPG gas-leak detector
Lower power bills with smart lighting options
Wi-Fi to connect devices remotely
Approvals to review software licenses
Home Security
Lighting & Power
Remote Service
Home Control
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