Pune, the City that Welcomes & Transforms!

Pune, the insignia of ‘New India’, known for its growing IT hubs, educational centres and

manufacturing bases, is one of the sought-after cites for living in India.

As a bustling city, it’s known for its pleasant climate, cultural diversity,
and the right mix of urban sophistication. All these make the city an ideal choice for living.

Pune Real Estate Breaks Traditional Norms

The economic growth of Pune, along with its influx of professionals and families, creates a heavy demand for residential projects. Today, there’s a rising demand for modern residential apartments and multi-storied luxury projects in Pune.

Upcoming Luxury Apartments in Pune

Purchasing a new home is one of life’s joys. As a potential home buyer in Pune, be ready for modern facilities that will make the rest of your life a great experience.

Smart Homes Make Life Easier!

Today’s “smart homes” have everything from lights, temperature, ambience and home appliances controlled by the touch of a smartphone.

A few remarkable
smart-home features ideal today
Independent Ambience
Electronic Security
(Wireless locks, Video door stations, Motion sensors, etc)
Audio Managment
(Audio streaming from various devices)
Gas Leakage Detector
(Safety measure)
Remote Control
Going Green in Pune -
Responsible and Sustainable Living

Saving energy, conserving natural resources and adopting green initiatives is a more earth-friendly way of living. So, are you “going green”?

Check out these pro-environment practices which will enhance the quality of life and reduce the living cost.

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smart homes in Pune?



Go Greener Every Day!

Want to know more about eco-friendly homes in Pune?

Always… Choose a Builder with an Exemplary Track Record!

While selecting a luxury home, choose a builder with an excellent track record and qualities like trust, timely
deliverability and quality. A leading real estate developer that builds world class residential properties and has received
a string of awards and recognitions for many of their residential projects in the country is bringing you a unique luxury
apartment project in Pune.

When you choose a home for your family, you choose a home for your long-term enjoyment and value.
Go ahead, choose an apartment which offers the best of everything – easy access with an incredible
array of options, green features, quality finish, contemporary style of architecture and more.