Offline CRM

Irrespective of size and location, your employees, advisors, and agencies need access to real-time data. Auric makes sure you have it readily available, whether or not your internet connection is of high quality.

Our Offline CRM technology is designed for providing maximum advantage to your employees. It ensures rewarding customer interactions and concrete results.

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A Small Package: Offline CRM

Business environments can be highly unpredictable. Besides new specializations and geographies evolving, irregular internet access is a major challenge. It can force personnel to lose the advantage of real-time data completely. If you face a similar problem at work, Offline CRM technology will make a difference. Every time the world generates new data, worry not, as you can sync within the fraction of a second with our technology. Auric’s Offline CRM makes life easy. Now you can make your customer’s life easy too!

  • What is Offline CRM?

    Offline CRM comes as software and is used by businesses to manage prospects and customers and communicate with them. Absence of internet connectivity cannot be a reason in this age for not attending to customer issues. A centralized location or a temporary storage technology helps to channelize your customer information to employees and improve their productivity with time-relevant data.

  • How Vital is Offline CRM?

    With Offline CRM, you can sidestep extra effort and yet stay productive. Mostly browser-based, the technology comes with an easy-to-use mobile interface. Even while travelling, Offline CRM makes it easy to handle business accounts, opportunities, leads, and contacts in a customized way.

    With Wi-Fi access or a cellular data connection, Offline CRM quickly synchronizes all data changes, makes new downloads, and eliminates all database conflicts.

    As a business that cares for its customers, you must consider CRM synchronization vital. Customized data is effective only when it is a time and people-relevant asset. Businesses involved in marketing, sales, advertising and customer service must understand that.

  • The CRM Guarantee

    Going through security checks before flying? Worried about data security in public networks? Sophisticated data encryption makes your CRM software foolproof. Rest assured, your essential customer info is leakage proof and safe. Never lose a single input bound for your complex, multi-dimensional customer database.

  • Offline CRM: How it Functions

    Your solution is a benchmark technology which works both, offline and online. You require one interface to generate screens and they are designed to help the user work with plug-ins already in trend. There is no need to learn new plug-ins or install web features. Auric’s CRM technology comes with an innovative application service provider (ASP) that helps update data really quick, easy and secure.

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How Does Offline CRM Work
for Small Businesses?

A small enterprise can generate high profits with CRM, as it creates loyal customers and closes deals simultaneously. Offline CRM users can strike a deal with prospects without overlooking with other accounts.

Let software help you cost effectively identify the right contacts and sign your contracts. Equip your sales team with Offline CRM to let them close deals easily. Get a 360-degree view. Enterprises can gather better insights about which companies and industries will contribute better profits by using CRM data. Build your potential for higher profitability.

Customers lose it when they call customer support and find out their case history has to be repeated all over again! With our CRM solution, the issue is solved. Auric’s CRM technology stores and recalls customer interactions, and as a result, your employees can deliver highly coordinated and consistent customer experiences, the first time, and every other time. Businesses can use CRM to find out what customers are saying about brands in the market. Enterprises can extract data from different social media interactions (Twitter, Facebook and so on) to hear what feedback customers place about the products/services, invoicing systems, etc. Such customer inputs can be used to analyze business performance and remodel them, revise them, and improve them.

By using data, which can be extracted from both, in-house repositories and web sources, businesses can cost effectively maximize the potential of in-house databases. All you need is a technology that is reliable, and does exactly what it is supposed to do, without failing you at any instance.

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