For the travel industry, innovation is the key mantra. While travelers are on the go forever, technological too is advancing. More customers being affiliated to digital channels is making the travel experience a smoother one on the whole.

From searching to sharing, tech trends have evolved with augmented reality, wearables, iBeacons, IoT, chat, mobility, analytics and social media—making more customers expect a seamless experience through their entire journey.

The advent of IoT and 24/7 accessibility have changed how we humans use smart devices. In addition, customers choose to share experiences in social media and impact your business. This has made it vital for the travel industry to reach out to its tech-savvy customers through mobile platforms.

Sonata’s pre-built, end-to-end Travel Experience Management platforms propel some of the big players in the travel industry—tour operators, online travel agencies, rail and airline segments spread across the globe. Customizable travel solutions span across front, mid and back-office operations and are easily deployable.

Business will be easy with a complete suite of solutions perfectly tailored for the travel industry. Be it online commerce solutions, customer engagement models, implementation of new technologies such as AI, AR, NFC, sensors, digital execution or IoT wearables, Sonata has it all!

Sonata’s customer-specific Center of Excellence (CoE) model is designed to deliver excellent value through increased customer focus and collaboration, adoption of best practices and enhanced productivity.

Your digital transformation can be as easily achieved if you know what your customers expect of your travel services!

Do you want to better to cater your travel customers and drive your business growth? Rezopia from Sonata offers complete end-to-end software platform for tour operators and travel agencies to scale revenues, reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Sell through various channels such as web, social, call center and mobile. Rezopia promises smooth merging of physical and digital channels. Package, personalize and book individual and group tours.

The complete booking system helps travel companies by automating major mid and back-office tasks and operations, including inventory, contracts, pricing, CRM and accounting, through a cloud based travel management system.

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Where is the problem?

Lack of end-to-end travel solutions: The always connected customers today want to access tour operators and online travel agencies anytime, anywhere. There is a rising demand where customers want one click submission for booking. However, existing portals involve multiple buying cycles and might lack personalized interaction.

Tour operators and travel agencies have to resolve problems related to multiple touch points, be responsive to demand, enhance reach/distribution in a fragmented market, adopt new technologies and transit into fully automated systems.

What are we offering?

Rezopia is a digital travel platform that provides end-to-end solutions by integrating multiple digital technologies such as omni channnel commerce, mobility, analytics and cloud. With pre-built, best-in-class customer experience and business functionalities in a Cloud solution, this platform helps achieve fast, scalable and reliable digital readiness for the tour operator & online travel agency business.

How do you gain?

Increase your revenue through omni-channel sales and distribution Ubiquitous presence for customers and online support through mobile apps & push notifications Effective reduction in costs and manpower through automated mid and back-office processes Multiple systems integrated into one platform that is easier to run Reduce the indirect costs incurred in general T&E processing

Why us?

Because we provide

Full suite of customer and business
functionalities on one platform

Easy and reliable

Definite roadmap
for functional features

Track record of providing solutions for
world leaders in travel

Rezopia has won multiple recognitions such as the Travel Weekly Magellan and World Travel awards, with leading travel enterprises using it for their core travel applications. We have built a strong base with Sonata’s innovative services helping deploy Rezopia for world leading brands. Learn more about our customer success stories – so you can begin your own with renewed vigor and confidence.

Increased Business Capacities for Large ANZ Rail Network with Next-Generation Reservation System


There was a need to replace the rail passenger reservation system, whose functionality was hindered by limited features, long lead time and costly developments. The challenge was to find a system capable of handling 1000 to 5000 bookings per day on a steady platform


  • By customizing Sonata’s Rezopia Travel SaaS, a Next-Generation Rail Reservation System was developed.
  • Features such as multi-channel booking engine, inventory, fares, schedules, dynamic shopping and financial data integration with SAP, etc. were embedded.
  • The system gained the ability to sell the same trip at different prices, depending on payment method, cancellation policy and channel of interaction, and generate the relevant management functionalities.
  • To ensure there is smooth migration from the existing system, soft and hard go-live strategy was developed and implemented.


The achievement was a feature-rich, customer-friendly rail application that reduced time to implement, lowered costs and decreased risks. It also enabled greater business capabilities by ensuring efficient process for ancillary product sales.

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