The connected homes, with a number of appliances providing real-time data, now resolve the longstanding problems of expensive warranty management and poor after sale services. The data from connected homes do not just resolve issues, it redefines the landscape of warranty management and customer service.

Join Eric Arnum, Editor, Warranty Week; Rohit Lohan, Product Manager, Tavant Technologies, and Achyut Jajoo - Global Industry Leader, Manufacturing & Automotive Industries, in an exclusive Webinar for great insights on how the data collected and interpreted from the connected home can actually revolutionize customer service and warranty management.

Attend the webinar to learn:

How data can be collected from connected homes and devices to better track and manage warranty expenses
How data from the connected devices can be leveraged for improved customer connect and service
How you can participate in product development and provide better options for customer service (using the data from the product itself)
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Date : Thursday, Jan 21, 2016
Time : 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. PST
Meet the Speakers
Eric Arnum
Editor, Warranty Week
Rohit Lohan
Product Manager and Solution Architect
Tavant Technologies, Inc.
Achyut Jajoo
Global Industry Leader, Manufacturing & Automotive Industries,
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