The Tavant eCommerce Test Offering

Today’s retail environment is undergoing a transformation due to the growth of Omni-channel and digital technologies, as consumers seek more convenience and value, personalized choice and great service. Maintaining a modern ecommerce store can be a heavy drain on resources, especially when even minor changes can necessitate testing the site against a variety of devices and resolutions.

Effective Quality Engineering and assurance of enterprise ecommerce applications often requires specialized knowledge of commerce products, underlying business processes and testing best practices. Tavant with its 3-pronged approach of Domain, Process and Technology delivers the missing piece of the puzzle in the digital commerce world.

Our best practices include:

Tavant offers the FIRE Web and FIRE Mobile test automation frameworks that can provide
up to a 60% reduction in test cycle time.

  • Ensuring QA is embedded right from the start to bring the domain-centric testing solutions
  • Risk-based Testing that ensures faster time to market with accuracy
  • Integration with next gen DevOps and Continuous Integration/ Deployment and Testing solutions
  • Outcome-based Testing based on test metrics, SLA driven KPI monitoring etc.

Tavant has developed test offerings to ensure that your ecommerce solution delivers high value results:

1 Fire frameworks for test automation:

FIRE test automation suite of solution accelerators that can provide a wide range of benefits.

2 Retail test automation templates:

Tavant has developed a suite of re-usable test scripts/templates that can be used to speed up the development of a test suite for your ecommerce site. The suite has been designed to be platform-agnostic, and can be adapted to your site whether you use ATG, WebSphere, Hybris, Magento, Demandware, or another ecommerce platform. The suite can be used to bootstrap the automation of your ecommerce site at no additional cost.

Since every ecommerce site has its own particularities, our ecommerce testing experts will customize the suite to suit your specific needs.

Our team follows a detailed process which includes:


Over the initial weeks to determine the business requirements, team size, project duration, and level of customization necessary for the project.


Creation of the customized automated test suite, working closely with all the stakeholders.

Maintenance and Improvement:

Continued improvement and expansion of the test suite to meet changing business requirements and product changes

An automated test suite is a core component of a complete DevOps strategy. Our solution integrates with your existing tools, such as GIT and SVN for source control, Jenkins and Hudson for continuous integration (CI), and multiple defect-management systems.

Our end-to-end testing solution offerings are aimed towards making your platform more scalable, flexible and reliable, to ensure greater conversion and increase customer satisfaction.

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