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Search and find the used car you need, in just 3 clicks. Get all the details of the required car and its dealers.

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Get access to thousands of used cars and provide multiple options for your customers in just minutes.

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Store the contacts of your Dealers, agents and potential customers on a single page and gear up for increased business.

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The whole list of cars in the showroom is at your fingertips - With all the details, special notes and photos.

Any Dealer Anytime

Find a dealer belonging to any region you wish and check whether they have the cars you want.

Add A Buyer

Store the details of potential customers and their requirements, using this option. The App also helps the dealer to make direct calls to their potential customers.

Show the world

Want to showcase the cars in your list to the world? Well, that’s our focus. You get every little detail of the required car in just a minute.

Search By Radius

Filter your search by radius and find the car nearest to you. It directly increases the possibility of closing the deal faster.

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a mobile app, specially designed for used car dealers

Gone are the days when the Dealers & Agents had to spend a lot on calls and run around various places to check the availability of the used cars. Now, using USEDCARDEALERSCLUB, they can easily track and get the entire details of the cars, demanded by their customers, in no time. Used Car Dealers Club is not just an app but also is a club that connects the dealers and agents for better future deals. Be a part of the Club experience and enjoy hassle free business.

  • Connect with familiar dealers
  • Close more deals & boost your Profits
  • Access car deals from anywhere, anytime
  • Share the car details to customers like never before
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Multiply your virtual stock by 100 times at no extra cost

An app just for YOU

Get live access to thousands of used cars in minutes.

Here is an app that helps you to find a used car in just a few seconds ! Get complete details of the available cars and ‘cars in demand’ in your smart phone. An exclusive platform for the deal makers.

Used Car Dealers Club is a club of opportunities, synonymous with transparency and reliability.


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Multiply your virtual stock by more than 100 times at no extra cost




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