What is the Reward Program all about?

A good salesperson is the most valuable asset to a company!

And what differentiates a good salesperson from a not-so-successful salesperson is the drive to excel – the determination to go beyond the set limits.

The Presidents Club Rewards Program -Asia Pacific recognizes and salutes the contribution of the Salespeople to the bottom line of a business. This online program identifies, promotes and rewards top sales talent at UL-Asia Pacific.

  • The Grand Finale

    A gala award ceremony marks the culmination of the rewarding journey of every extraordinary achiever who pursued

  • Highlights

    A 5-day fully-paid trip for two to a 5-star Resort in an exotic location

  • Program Period

    The program is applicable for all sales orders booked and closed for the year 2015, valid till Dec 31, 2015.

The reward program includes on-the-spot recognition of achievements every day, year round.
Every major sales accomplishment is acknowledged and appreciated -- a notification is sent to all registered members.

The best of the best, the top achievers, become proud members of the elite HALL of FAME.


  • Accredited full-time sales professionals from Asia Pacific region (India, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia)
  • Professional sales persons with individual sales goals
  • Held a sales role for a minimum of 9 months in the prior year

Reward criteria

  • Exceeds 115% - Above sales quota performance
  • Top 10 performers
  • Recipients validated/selected by the APC Committee


  • The 4-member jury comprising of Jason, Peeyush Gupta, Keen Zhang, Lily select the top 10 performers based on the given reward criteria.

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